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Harry Potter Theories

You Must Look Beyond the Obvious

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Welcome to hp_theories! Here we'll be discussing theories about what's going to happpen in the Harry Potter books - From the obvious to the downright crazy!

We have a few rules now, so here they are:

1, No one liners saying 'I disagree'. If you disagree, say why so that the person can improve their theory

2, All posts must be relevant to the community. (This is a theory group so they have to involve the Harry Potter theories - therefore, please don't post opinions or questions which do not invovle theories or promote discussion of them)

3, No flames. If you disagree say why, don't just say 'this is a rubbish theory', or 'who cares?'

4, Please do not put 'Don't comment' or 'Don't comment if you don't agree with me' in any post - this is a free community, and people are entitled to comment on your post with their opinions on your theory.

If you break the rules, one of the moderators will comment on the post/comment saying so. If you don't change it within three days from when the moderator commented, they have the right to delete it without further warning.

If you want to promote the community, some promotional banners and codes can be found here